Life After Bankruptcy

Life After Bankruptcy
Morris County & Essex County, New Jersey Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help You

At law firm of Marc P. Feldman, I want you to know that there is life after bankruptcy. I want you to know that filing Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy can be your first step to a positive financial future, a future in which you control your debt, not the other way around.

With more than 23 years of experience serving Essex County and Morris County and Northern New Jersey, I  have helped many people overcome debt. Let me show you the path to life after bankruptcy.

“What if creditors continue to harass me?”

After bankruptcy is filed, creditors are legally obligated to stop contacting you about what you owe them. Unfortunately, many creditors are perfectly willing to break the law. They may continue to harass you.

The law firm of Marc P. Feldman is on your side.  I know how to deal with creditors that violate the law. I am  perfectly willing to take legal action against them.

“Will I be able to borrow money again?”

Yes, you want life after bankruptcy. As part of that life, you may want to borrow money again. You may want to get a home or a new car. We want you to know that you will be able to.

Immediately after you file bankruptcy, lenders will be understandably unwilling to loan you money. Keep in mind that this is not because of your filing bankruptcy, but because of the issues that caused you to file bankruptcy.

Since the goal of bankruptcy is to make these issues disappear and get you started on a fresh financial future, when you have reestablished your credit, you will soon see that you are able to borrow money again.

“How do I reestablish my credit?”

Reestablishing your credit is surprisingly easy. Make your payments on time. Maintain consistent employment and residency. Don’t borrow money unless you absolutely need to. Soon, your credit will be reestablished.

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