Quick Bankruptcy Test

Marc P. Feldman Provides Answers to Consumer Bankruptcy Questions

Take This Quick Bankruptcy Test.  If three or more of the following statements apply to you, then you should consult my consumer bankruptcy law firm now. If more than five of the following apply to you, you probably should have consulted with me already!
My debts are over $5,000, not including a car mortgage. My bill payments are over 25% of my take home pay.
I frequently pay my bills late. I pay high rates of interest on my debt.
I have to charge necessary items like clothing or food. I need to frequently get cash advances.
I need a loan to pay existing debt. A creditor has filed a lawsuit against me.
Collection agencies are calling and harassing me. I am “robbing Peter to pay Paul.”
Although I make payments, my balances don’t go down. I have recently been turned down for credit.
Some of my bill payments are more than a month behind. I am often late paying my mortgage or rent.
I can barely afford my car insurance. I have high medical bills that weren’t paid by insurance.
We are getting divorced and have too many bills to pay. I owe income taxes that I can’t afford to pay.
My wages are being garnished. I recently lost my job or ability to work overtime.
I owe much more on my car than what it is worth. My bank account was frozen.

If you are considering bankruptcy, you want the advice of a bankruptcy lawyer who is very experienced in this specialized field of law.

Marc P. Feldman, Esq. has more than 23 years of experience. My practice is dedicated to helping people with New Jersey debt problems.

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