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If you are stressed out and overwhelmed by credit card debts and bills, you are probably considering whether bankruptcy is the answer. At The Law Offices of Marc P. Feldman, Esq., located in Morris County and in Essex County, New Jersey, I can help you determine if bankruptcy is right for you.

I offer a free office consultation to discuss your debt options and to explore whether a Northern New Jersey bankruptcy filing may be the best solution to your financial difficulties.

Bankruptcy Can Eliminate Bills. The bankruptcy laws are designed to provide the typical consumer debtor with the opportunity for a fresh new financial start. In Chapter 7, this often means being able to eliminate all of your debt. In Chapter 13, this often means paying a small portion of your debt, or paying your debt over an extended period of time with no interest.

Bankruptcy Stops Creditors Immediately. Whatever bankruptcy chapter you file, the federal bankruptcy laws prohibit your creditors from contacting you, the minute we file your bankruptcy petition with the court. This very powerful federal law is called the bankruptcy stay and it will immediately stop bill collectors, wage garnishments, frozen accounts, foreclosure proceedings, and collection law suits.

Bankruptcy is About Starting Over and Getting a Fresh Start. The truth is that bad debt problems happen to good people. Congress created the bankruptcy laws to help you. You deserve to learn if bankruptcy is the answer to your debt problems.

Bankruptcy is Not Your Fault. Credit card companies are very unreasonable. Their financial terms are deceptive and misleading. This is not your fault. You may have incurred debt from having been laid off, getting sick, or are recovering from a divorce. This is not your fault. You may have fallen into the credit card debt trap by a bank that knows you will have difficulty paying them back. This is not your fault.

Bankruptcy is the Answer That Credit Card Companies Don’t Want You to Know. The only thing credit card companies are afraid of is the United States Bankruptcy Code and a bankruptcy attorney. Creditors will try to scare you away from filing for bankruptcy. Don’t listen to them! Often it is easy to get credit after bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is Still Available Under the New Laws. The laws were revised a few years ago but the changes don’t affect most people. Most people still qualify for bankruptcy relief under the new bankruptcy laws.

Bankruptcy is Easier Than You Think. Many people feel intimated by the notion of filing for bankruptcy. However, we make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. Most of my clients relieved the process went so smoothly.

The Bankruptcy Law Office of Marc P. Feldman can guide you through the bankruptcy process. I am ready to put more than 23 years of experience to work for you.  E-mail me or call  973-267-7555 for an honest assessment of your case from an experienced lawyer in Morris and Essex Counties and for all of Northern New Jersey.

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