Lawyer & Mediator Marc P. Feldman is Meticulous, Caring & Affordable and is Conveniently Located.

I am the quintessential local attorney who lives and works nearby. I am approachable and accessible.  I am fair and honorable.  When necessary, I am tough.  I work diligently until the job is done.  What’s more, you meet only with me.  You  don’t get a paralegal, a novice attorney or a partner with outrageous hourly fees.  Instead, you get an experienced, qualified attorney at a reasonable rate.

I have practiced for more than 23 years and have a wide range of experience. No matter what area of law you choose for me to represent you in, you benefit from my diverse experience.

I tell you like it is.  I don’t waste your time.  I am efficient.  I analyze your situation to determine what is needed.  Whether it’s representing you in a divorce, bankruptcy, immigration or landlord-tenant matter, or preparing your Will or Deed, I use your time and my time wisely.  This benefits my clients by keeping down their costs.  I analyze your situation to determine what is needed.  I do what is necessary and proper.  While I represent you, and beyond, I am your trusted adviser.

I am what attorneys used to be, professional and dignified. I am Marc P. Feldman.

Marc P. Feldman’s 23 years of dedicated and efficient legal service has saved money for his divorce, mediation & bankruptcy clients in Morris County, Essex County & Northern New Jersey.  Call 973-267-7555.